SOHO | Peplink Multi-WAN Routers


The Balance 20, Balance 30 and Balance 50 are recommended for networks with less than 25 devices. They provide a complete Internet load balancing and failover solution with the 2, 3 or 5 Ethernet WAN connections as well as a USB port for a 3G or LTE device.

Multiple load balancing rules can be configured to be in control of your Internet traffic. The rules can be configured per type of traffic (using unique ports) to represent for example websites, email, Voice over IP, etc., unique source (device on your network) or per destination (IP address or domain name) by using any of the 7 built-in algorithms (Weighted, Enforced, Persistence, Priority, Overflow, Least used and Lowest Latency).

The Peplink routers can be configured to send E-mail notifications when a line fails and is restored again, and it also provides detailed reports on the usage of each Internet connection.

They come standard with Quality of Service (QoS) for Voice over IP (VOIP) and other streaming services, and also provide a PPTP Server Service that will allow you to connect to your network from anywhere via the internet.

The routers also have the functionality to integrate with Pepwave’s Enterprise Wireless AP One access points to centrally manage the Wi-Fi network from one device.

The Balance ONE is similar to the Balance 20 with the extra benefits of more processing power, integrated simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi as well as 8 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports.

Model Comparison


Balance 20/30/50

Balance 50

Balance 30 LTE

Balance 30LTE

Balance One

Balance One

Ethernet WAN Ports 2/3/5 2 2 (GbE)
Simultaneous Dual-Band 802.11a/b/g/n Wi-Fi spec_none spec_none 1
Embedded 4G LTE spec_none 1 spec_none
USB WAN Modem Port 1 1 1 1
Recommended Users 2 1-25 1-25 1-50
Router Throughput 3 100Mbps 100Mbps 600Mbps
Core Functionality
Load Balancing & Failover
Load Balancing Algorithms 4 7 7 7
Drop-In Mode spec_none spec_none spec_none
Inbound Load Balancing spec_none spec_none spec_none
InControl Cloud Management
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Functionality
PepVPN %
SpeedFusion Hot Failover spec_none spec_none spec_none
SpeedFusion Bandwidth Bonding spec_none spec_none spec_none^
Number of PepVPN/SpeedFusion Peers 5 2 2 2^
PepVPN/SpeedFusion Throughput 30Mbps 30Mbps 30Mbps^
IPsec/PPTP VPN Functionality
IPsec VPN (Network-to-Network) 6
Number of IPsec Tunnels 2 2 2
Recommended PPTP VPN Users 15 15 15
AP Controller Functionality
Manage Pepwave AP Series
Maximum Number of AP Support 10 10 10
Manage Remote AP & Multiple Config Profiles 7 spec_none spec_none spec_none
Advanced QoS Functionality
Bandwidth Usage Monitor
QoS for VoIP and E-Commerce
User Groups Bandwidth Control
Web Blocking
LAN Ports 4 (GbE) 4 (GbE) 8 (GbE)
Power Consumption 15W 15W 15W
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty

1 For a list of supported modems, please refer to
2 Recommendation for sizing purposes only. No software restrictions applied.
3 Router Throughput is based on Ethernet frame sizes of 1280 or 1518 bytes. Actual performance can vary across different networking environments.
4 Balance 20/30/50 and Balance One features Weighted, Enforced, Persistence, Priority, Overflow, Least used and Lowest Latency Load Balancing Algorithms.
5 Number of peer Peplink or Pepwave devices you can connect using SpeedFusion VPN.
6 IPsec only supports connection with Cisco, Juniper, Peplink or Pepwave devices.
7 Balance 20/30/30 LTE/50/One comes with AP Controller Standard, which supports one configuration profile with multiple SSIDs, meaning that all APs will share the same configuration, and you can only manage APs on the local physical LAN.
^ PepVPN is supported on all models. SpeedFusion is an optional feature.
# Balance 20/30/50, Balance One come with free license to manage 10 Pepwave AP devices.
% Balance 20/30/50 requires firmware 6.1 to support PepVPN.

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