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Peplink is the ideal solution for South Africa

With connectivity being so unreliable and just unavailable is many cases, especially in remote locations, in South Africa, we really struggled to build a reliable WAN for our company. Our MPLS implementation was slow and expensive, and it was very difficult to expand it in situations where the service provider was not able to provide connectivity in the area.

We then migrated our WAN to a Peplink SpeedFusion network using different technologies to connect to the 22 sites together.

The technology is working great for us and the support from the local teams made it easy to iron out the problems. We also basically doubled our total bandwidth while keeping the costs the same.

Thanks Peplink and Cyberlab!

Ewert Snyman | Steinm├╝ller Africa (Pty) Ltd


Peplink Integration – Lombard Tyres

4Most has obtained the SAP B1 and IT infrastructure from Lombard Tyres country wide. 4Most being a SAP OEM had limited knowledge on the Peplink devices which were currently implemented and had the daunting task of finding a reputable supplier and support partner.

4Most then obtained the services from Cyberlab to help with the migration of the data center Peplink and configuration of the 36 branches nationwide. 4Most and Cyberlab planned the migration and at the same time we received training from Cyberlab to help maintain and support the infrastructure. It is one year later and I am glad to say that we have a stable network for Lombard Tyres.

Juan Pierre Prinsloo | 4Most Systems (PTY) Ltd


Wi-Fi Sollution

Good day, Im very happy with the service that this product has given us including the support from Cyberlab. We will definitely do future Business with you.

Ryan Hartman | Hytel Northwest

Great product and service

The Peplink hardware is excellent for my environment. Set it up and forget about it. It is super stable and does everything I have required.

The service at Cyberlab is quick, knowledgeable and efficient.

Gary Vaughan

Great Product & Service

We have been using a Peplink Balance 30 for about 4 years and can vouch for the quality of the product.

We are currently using a VDSL and DSL line with the device and had no problems switching to the newer technology.

We also received great after sales service from Cyberlab and would recommend them and the Peplink devices to anyone looking to invest in load balancing solutions.

Jan-Otto van Eck | Chas Everitt Cape Town North

Superb Product and Service!

The team at Cyberlab has consistently provided the required service and support with a friendly CAN DO , WANT TO Attitude.

Technically im extremely impressed with the level of Expertise in a fantastic product, PEPLINK.

I have and will always recommend them.

Dean Lawrence | Acumen Capital